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New Website

September 10, 2013 should re-direct to my new website but if you googled “josh clayton film” and clicked on the first link it may still be this website, which is my old, personal website. Feel free to peruse, but my new, professional website is here.


Update (long time coming)

September 8, 2012

I haven’t updated this website since I started the MFA program in Film and Television at the Savannah College of Art and Design because they keep me busy. Once I graduate (expected date: end of May 2013) this website will get a big facelift. Until then, the best place to check out my work is my Vimeo page which has a couple of things from SCAD as well as “The Bull” in its entirety. I do hang out on Twitter @joshclaytonfilm though I admittedly do more reading than posting. LinkedIn is also a valid way to connect with me.

New Article about THE VIRGINS

August 26, 2010

I did an interview a while back with Eric Pesola from the William and Mary Alumni Magazine.  As is the case when it comes to film, I spoke probably too effusively but he was able to cull from our conversation an article.  The article can be seen here.  My mug also appears in the Summer 2010 print issue of the Magazine.

Future Screenings and Possible Projects

June 21, 2010

My short film “The Bull” will be screening along with other short films by North Carolina filmmakers at the Hodge Podge Theater at Area 15 in Charlotte, NC this Sunday (June 27) at 7:30 PM.  Here’s the Facebook Event pageThe Virgins will be screening later this summer at the Hodge Podge as well.  More news to come regarding that screening.

Another screening of The Virgins will happen at my alma mater the College of William and Mary at the beginning of the Fall semester.  Specific details are still being ironed out.

In terms of future projects I have been talking to a Durham screenwriter about a children’s film she has written.  I am looking to direct and edit this short film, which will be used as a building block for a feature based on the same story and characters.  I also have a possible music video lined up for later this summer – I have written the concept and once the artist comes back from touring we will talk production.

Continue checking @joshclaytonfilm on Twitter to see the little tiny things that go on between these posts, like laying the groundwork for these freelance projects.  Do you have a narrative or music video project you want produced?

THE VIRGINS available as VOD and Download-to-Own

April 20, 2010

The Virgins is now available to Download-to-Own and to Stream-on-Demand through Amazon!  The Stream-on-Demand is a 7-day rental of the film and costs $1.99.  The Download-to-Own is $9.99.  These options screen just the feature film only – the director’s commentary, 40-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, and the festival short “The Bull” are only available on the Special Edition DVD.

After seeing the film be sure to comment on either The Virgins IMDB page or its Amazon page.

The Premiere!

April 7, 2010

Box Office at The Virgins premiere!The Virgins World Premiere happened last Thursday at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary, NC.  The film looked fantastic on the big screen though the best part was probably the Q&A session after the film where actress Kristi Ray, production assistant Marianne Meador, and myself field questions from the audience.  The questions showed real engagement with the material, which is what every filmmaker

Actress Kristi Ray and Production Assistant Marianne Meador

Actress Kristi Ray and Production Assistant Marianne Meador. (photo by Greg O'Rear)

wants and loves, and I managed to answer some tough theme-related questions in a predominantly coherent manner.  Afterward I got to meet some people and sell a couple of DVDs – overall the night was a success.  Thank you to everyone who came out!

Also on that night, an interesting phenomenon happened.  Supporters who bought the DVD during the fundraising pre-sale received their DVDs a couple weeks ahead of the premiere, giving them the chance to see the film before anyone else (the least I could do for those people who had faith enough in my efforts to pre-purchase the DVD).  A lot of them did not watch the film however, waiting for the premiere because either A.) they were able to come to the premiere and thus wanted to see the film on the big screen first or B.) they could not attend the premiere but wanted to share in that excitement by planning little tiny premieres of their own, inviting people to screenings in their homes.  These sort of grassroots screenings, these satellite premieres, seem similar to the intent of the creators of OpenIndie, who are establishing a system for organizing these types of screenings all over the country for the films they represent, effectively skipping some of the headaches of a typical theatrical distribution and getting the film to the audience in an ever-more direct way.  Thanks to those who put on satellite premieres in Atlanta, D.C., and Massachusetts!

Future screenings are in the works!  Check back for more news.

The red carpet at the THE VIRGINS premiere on Cape Cod

A mini red carpet rolled out for the Cape Cod satellite premiere (photo by Jan Urquhart)

Big Announcements: World Premiere, DVD on Amazon!

March 11, 2010

Two big pieces of news!  First, the World Premiere for The Virgins will happen 7PM Thursday, April 1st at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary, NC.  After the screening there will be a Q&A session with me and some members of the cast and crew.  Your typical movie concessions will be on sale as well as beer and wine.  DVDs will be on sale and can be autographed if you want.  Tickets are $7 and can be purchased either online or at the box office (cash only).  Don’t delay!  The Galaxy seats 230.  Here are directions to get there.  And here is the Facebook event page.

Second, The Virgins special edition DVD is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace.  There is a special deal in place – buy now and save 20%! (the original price was $25.00)

(For those of you who pre-ordered your copy of The Virgins, those packages were shipped today.)

A store page (see tabs in the upper right) has been created that gathers “The Bull” DVD and The Virgins special edition DVD together in one place as well as the posters for the two films, both available now for the first time.

The DVDs are in!